Installation process of anode tube for electrostatic precipitator

The installation of the anode tube in the pipe ESP is also required. First of all, the membrane shell is placed at least 3 inches away from the nozzle or other obstacles. Handle the anode tube carefully and attach it to the slide support with two hard clamps. The outlet and inlet of the anode tube must be between the slide support and the outer wall of the slot.


When all the membrane shells of the pipe ESP are installed, slowly put the anode vertically into the tube shell and connect it with the tube shell through a copper row. Carefully avoid the anode dropping to damage the membrane shell, and rotate the anode slightly to make it fit. When the installation is correct, the anode plug and the top of the membrane shell are close and horizontal. If the anode plug is more than 1/2 inch higher than the membrane shell, rotate the anode again to reduce it to the appropriate level.


Finally is the installation of the power line, just need to connect the anode copper power supply and the anode power supply line, through the quick connection connection connection can be separated. Overall, the pipeline electrostatic precipitator anode tube has convenient installation, can ensure that each module is connected to each other, to ensure the stability of the electrical conductivity characteristics, and even its maintenance. And cleaning is very convenient.