Installation of pipe type electrostatic precipitator anode plate, cathode line and vibrating system etc.

The pipe electrostatic precipitator contains a lot of accessories, and all of these accessories should be adjusted before the electric field is suspended, because they can't be carefully adjusted after the electric field is suspended. The dimensions of each part of the shell should be re measured and adjusted before lifting into the electric field. The installation of main accessories in the electrostatic precipitator includes installation of anode plate, installation of cathode line and installation of rapping system.


The first is about the installation of the anode plate of the electrostatic precipitator. Generally, the manufacturer will provide the lifting rack with the plate, which can be installed in the whole row. Because there are some long plates, the flatness of each plate should be checked before discharging the pole. Adjustment should be made on the ground when exceeding the limit.


When the group is opposite, the whole row plate and the plate suspension beam must be arranged vertically. The upper and lower dimensions should conform to the drawing requirements, while the direction of the bolt and the position of the gasket should be paid attention to. The upper and lower bolts of the plate must be tightened to the prescribed moment by torque.


The next is the installation of the cathode beam in the pipe electrostatic precipitator, which is used in the field assembly. After this, all the burrs including the end of the steel pipe must be cleared so as not to discharge in the electrostatic precipitator.  The ends of the two ends of the cathode frame must be preformed before the line is worn, and the two ends of the frame should be straightened under the action of the tightener; the flatness of the cathode frame is less than 10mm and makes a certain tightening force for each cathode line.


As the cathode frame is suspended in the large frame of the import and export of the electric field, in order to ensure the spacing of the same pole, the cathode frame can be hoisted after the suspension of the large frame, and then the spacing screw is installed to adjust the limit. After the anode plate and the cathode frame are installed, check the distance between the different poles to meet the requirements of the drawings.


In addition to the installation of the vibration system, the precision of the installation of the vibration system determines the effect of the whole electric field. It also has an important influence on the use of the efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator. Therefore, the relative position of the vibrator and the vibrator must be guaranteed, and the bolt must be welded after the installation is finished.