Influence factors of electrical performance of tubular electrostatic precipitator

In practical application, there are many factors that affect the electrical performance of pipeline electrostatic precipitator, including electrode spacing, corona wire spacing, corona wire radius, corona wire roughness and the electrode plate area borne by each power supply device, and so on. These factors have different effects on electrical performance.

As the voltage, the spacing and the radius of corona line are the same in the pipeline ESP, increasing the spacing between electrodes will affect the distribution of ion current near the corona line and the potential difference on the surface area, which will lead to the decrease of the electric density, the electric field intensity and the space charge density in the outer corona area. When the voltage, corona line radius and plate spacing are the same, the effect of increasing the corona line spacing is to increase the corona current density and the non-uniformity of electric field intensity distribution.

If the radius of corona wire of pipeline ESP is enlarged, the corona voltage will be increased and the electric field intensity on the surface of corona wire will be decreased when corona is produced. If the given voltage exceeds the initial corona voltage, the corona current will decrease with the increase of the corona line radius. The influence of corona line roughness on electrical performance is due to the influence of the electric field intensity on the surface of the corona line and the space charge density near the corona line.

The plate area borne by each power supply device and the plate area borne by each slave power supply device are another important factor in determining the electrical characteristics of electrostatic precipitation because it affects the spark discharge voltage. The number of corona wires each power supply device bears can be determined by the plate area it bears. In order to achieve better performance of the pipeline ESP, the plate area that a single power supply device bears should be small enough, that is, the number of electric field groupings increases to avoid a greater reduction in the optimal operating voltage, and the number of electric fields increases generally. The efficiency of electrostatic precipitator and the number of electric fields can be increased.