Industrial electrostatic dust collector is divided into several categories, what are commonly used?

Industrial electrostatic dust collector is one of the important products in environmental protection dust removal. It has applications in many places, and with the application of technology, the types of industrial electrostatic dust collector are also more and more, and can meet the dust removal requirements under different working conditions and get the ideal dust removal effect.

If classified by filter type of industrial electrostatic dust collector , there are two kinds of inner filter pocket type and external filter type ; if according to the cleaning method, it can be divided into five kinds,namely ,mechanical vibration, chambered back - blow ,  nozzle reversal- blow, vibrating back - blow, pulse - blow.

According to the location of the air inlet, it can be divided into two types: Lower intake air bag and upper intake air bag industrial air electrostatic dust collector. If the pressure classification in this product is divided into three kinds ,namely, positive pressure dust collector, negative pressure dust collector, micro pressure dust collector . which are classified into round bags, flat bags, double bags, and diamond bags according to the form of filter bags.

Among the above-mentioned diversified types of industrial electrostatic dust collector, namely ,external filter type ,Lower intake air bag, negative pressure, and pulse - blow cleaning are most commonly used. Of course, the specific choice of classification depends on the nature of the dust, air volume, temperature, humidity and other conditions to choose.

In order to reduce its harm to the environment, it was optimized on the basis of the original industrial electrostatic dust collector, organically combining the advantages of the electrostatic dust collector and the bag-dust removal mechanism, and generating a new charged dust filtration characteristic. The mechanism, through electrocoagulation and effectively achieved the capture of fine dust.

Such industrial electrostatic dust collector have the advantages of long-term stability and low emissions, low resistance, long service life of filter bags, and simple operation and maintenance. They have rapidly been widely used and have become an excellent technology for solving low dust emission concentration problems.