Importance of internal cleaning device for electrostatic precipitator

In order to ensure the high efficiency and safe and stable operation of the electrostatic precipitator, the advanced sound wave dust removal technology and the sound wave dust removal vibration method are adopted to ensure the stability and high dust removal efficiency. Rate.


The acoustic wave cleaning system of pipeline electrostatic precipitator adopts the method of periodic vibration to remove the dust adhering to corona electrode and dust collecting board in time so as to ensure the stability of secondary current and ensure the dust collecting efficiency does not decrease. If the cleaning is not timely or the cleaning effect is not good, it will narrow the distance between the different poles of the electric field, reduce the secondary voltage and current in operation, reduce the efficiency of dust removal, and make the dust discharge not up to the standard.


In order to reduce or overcome the secondary dust emission of the pipeline electrostatic precipitator, a short-time air-stop and dust-cleaning method is adopted, i.e. the air blower stops for 5-20 seconds while the acoustic dust collector is working. During this period of time, the dust adhering to the electrode is removed by vibrating dust-cleaning, and the secondary voltage and current are restored to the original stable value, thus ensuring a high dust removal rate and making the powder. Emission of dust is up to standard.