How to Guarantee the Installation Quality of Pipeline Electrostatic Precipitator

Pipeline electrostatic precipitator is a large-scale dust removal equipment compared with general dust removal equipment. Its installation quality directly affects its performance, so the installation quality of pipeline electrostatic precipitator is particularly important. The installation of the shell of the pipeline ESP requires that every dimension from the support to the top beam must be within the error range, and secondly, the overall sealing must be ensured.

In order to prevent the flue gas from flowing through the electric field, the guide plate under the top beam, the distributor windshield, the edge windshield on both sides and the inner windshield on the platform must be installed in place, so as to really play the role of windshield, otherwise the emission concentration will be directly affected. The deviation of electrostatic precipitator pole spacing of pipeline electrostatic precipitator can not exceed a certain range. If the deviation exceeds, it needs to be corrected. The correction should be carried out in cold state, and the correction with flame bureau should not be too much.

In the installation process of pipeline ESP, there are many small parts missing. In order to ensure the strength of ash hopper, angle steel is used to reinforce and weld the connection between ash hopper and bottom beam. In order to ensure the integrity of corner steel plate and erection on the side panel of the shell, triangular reinforcement plate was designed. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the reasonable selection of vibration mechanism and good quality of vibration installation, to ensure the effect of dust cleaning, to reduce maintenance workload and to ensure the continuous and good operation of the dust collector.