How can wet industrial electrostatic precipitator achieve fine treatment of smoke and dust?

As the state pays more and more attention to air pollution control, the demand for flue gas emission is also improving. As an advanced flue gas treatment technology, wet electrostatic precipitator technology has been widely applied and achieved good results. Wet industrial electrostatic precipitator is an excellent equipment using this technology.


There are two basic types in the structure of wet industrial electrostatic precipitator, namely tube type and plate type. The dust collection of the tubular industrial electrostatic precipitator is a lot of parallel circular or polygonal metal tubes, and the discharge poles are evenly distributed between the plates, so it can only be used to deal with the vertical flow of smoke. The dust collector of the plate type electrostatic precipitator is in a flat shape, which can obtain good characteristics of the formation of water film, and the corona line between the plates can be used to deal with the horizontal or vertical flow of the flue gas.


But if the wet industrial electrostatic precipitator is distinguished according to the arrangement, the product has an independent layout of the vertical flue gas flow, which is suitable for the chemical industry and metallurgical industry, and the vertical flue gas flow and wet desulphurization are arranged in the whole. It can be arranged on the top of the absorption tower instead of the mechanical mist eliminator and is suitable for the minicomputer.  There is an occasion to set up a small amount of flue gas and not require high dust removal efficiency, and one is an independent layout of horizontal flue gas, which is more suitable for large or super large units, large amount of flue gas and high dust removal efficiency.


At present, the wet industrial electrostatic precipitator is mainly used in some small and medium sized chemical, metallurgical and other small coal-fired boilers. The results show that the dust removal efficiency is high and the operation effect is good. It uses water spray or overflow water to make a layer of water film formed on the surface of the dust collector and the dust washed away by the dust on the plate. The wet dust cleaning can avoid the further flying of the collected dust and achieve a high dust removal efficiency.


For wet industrial electrostatic precipitator, the dust is charged by high voltage corona discharge, and the charged dust reaches the dust collector plate under the action of electric field force. The flushing fluid is used to rinse the electrode and form a continuous liquid film on the electrode plate to remove the dust along with the flow of the scouring liquid.


Therefore, the equipment has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency, small pressure loss, simple operation, small energy consumption, no moving parts, no two times of dust, low maintenance cost, short production stop period, working at the dew point temperature below, combined with other flue gas treatment equipment and diversified design forms due to the compact structure.