How can the power supply of industrial electrostatic precipitator be controlled?

When the industrial electrostatic precipitator is used, the power supply can be controlled in different ways. One is the operation control mode of the work point detection operation. According to the changes of the two voltage and two current signals, the conduction angle of the silicon control can be adjusted to make the two voltage output of the industrial electrostatic precipitator work in the electric field of the electric field. The number of flashover per minute is less than 10 times near the breakdown point. This power control method is suitable for high specific resistance dust and inflammable and explosive gas. It can play the role of overcoming the reverse corona, preventing combustion and explosion and saving energy.


Another is intermittent power supply. The control principle is to supply the electric field for a period of time without power supply for a period of time. When the industrial electrostatic precipitator is used in the situation that the specific resistance dust is used to overcome the reverse corona or the better operating conditions and lower dust concentration, it can ensure the advantages of energy saving in the case of dust concentration.


Simple pulse power supply is also a power supply control mode of industrial electrostatic precipitator, which is a power supply mode similar to that of intermittent power supply. The high power wave number and low wave number of the power supply are determined by the working conditions of the electric field, and can be selected in comparison with intermittent power supply.


In addition, the power supply of industrial electrostatic precipitator can be controlled by spark rate control, so that the equipment can operate at a constant spark rate. The control principle is that when the current, the two voltage and the two current are not rated, when the working condition changes, the rise rate is automatically adjusted and the spark rate is worked on the set value steadily. The working voltage is very close to the spark voltage, and it is especially suitable for the situation of high dust concentration and easy to produce corona block. And the combination of bad working conditions and low dust removal efficiency.


The control modes of the power supply of the industrial electrostatic precipitator include the ordinary spark tracking operation control mode, the automatic control operation mode of output power and the advanced dynamic characteristic diagnosis energy saving control mode, and their control principles are different.


The ordinary spark tracking will change with the change of the spark rate with the condition of the working condition. The voltage drop rate and the rise rate of the flashover are automatically completed by DSP, and the automatic adjustment of the output power is suitable for the occasion where the variation of the operating conditions is very large; the dynamic characteristic diagnosis method can effectively avoid the back corona. The utility model improves the dust removal effect of the industrial electrostatic precipitator and saves energy.