How can the electrostatic precipitator be effectively protected?

The industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) comes into being under the environment of environmental protection. It uses constant current high voltage DC power supply. It can overcome the problem of reducing the efficiency of dust removal and effectively protect the industrial electrostatic precipitator.


The industrial electrostatic precipitator is a negative high-pressure direct current of the cathode. The air molecules around the electrode are ionized, and the positive ions produced by the ionization return to the cathode, and the negative ions migrate to the precipitate. During the migration of negative ions, dust from some of the ions collided with smoke or absorbed by electrostatic attraction on the dust fog, so that dust could be charged. The charged dust cloud moves towards the precipitating pole under the driving force of the electric field and adsorbs on the precipitating pole. Droplets gather on the anode surface to form water film and rely on self weight to carry dust down.


Electrostatic precipitator is a kind of gas dedusting method. In the strong electric field, the air molecules are ionized into positive ions and electrons. The dust particles are encountered during the process of the electrons to the positive pole, so that the dust particles are collected with negative electricity to the positive pole. Industrial electrostatic precipitators are commonly used in factories and power stations with coal as fuel, to collect coal ash and dust in flue gas, or to collect oxides of tin, zinc, lead, aluminum and other oxides in metallurgy, and also for household dust removal and sterilization products.


The industrial electrostatic precipitator can choose a variety of power supply control modes, such as pulse power supply control mode, constant current high voltage DC power supply control mode, etc. its cathode forms have spiral line type, fishbone line type, sawtooth line type, awn thread type and so on. However, no matter how the power supply control mode is changed, how the cathode form changes, the area of common dust charging and dust collecting has not changed.