High dust removal efficiency and uniform current distribution of commercial ESP

Compared with other dedusting equipments, commercial ESP has less energy consumption and high dedusting efficiency. It is suitable for removing 0.01-50 micron dust in flue gas, and can be used in high temperature and high pressure situations. Practice shows that the larger the amount of flue gas treated, the more economical the investment and operation cost of using ESP.


Commercial electrostatic precipitator wide spacing horizontal electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is a research and development achievement which imports and draws lessons from foreign advanced technology, combines the characteristics of industrial kiln exhaust gas working conditions in various industries in China, in order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of exhaust gas emission and WTO market criteria. This achievement has been widely used in metallurgy, electric power, cement and other industries.


The electric field intensity and plate current distribution are more uniform, the driving speed can be increased by 1.3 times, and the specific resistance range of dust trapping can be extended to 101-1014_-cm. It is especially suitable for high specific resistance dust recovery of waste gases such as sulfide bed boilers, new cement dry rotary kilns, sintering machines and so on, to slow down or eliminate the phenomenon of back corona.www.icleairs.com