Full function and reliable safety guarantee of pipeline electrostatic dust collector

Pipeline electrostatic dust collector is similar to the current honeycomb-type plasma electrostatic air purification device, obviously superior to the traditional electrostatic dust collector of the ionization plate, and is mainly manifested as a more comprehensive function, and it can also sterilize and purify the air while achieving dust removal.

Pipeline electrostatic dust collector draw on the world's leading plasma air purification technology. Compared with similar traditional products, the dust collection area is doubled and the wind resistance is reduced by 18%. It’s not only environmental protection but also energy conservation has solved a series of quality problems and improved air quality of office building,hotels, convention centers, stadiums, and airports.

pipeline electrostatic dust collector is composed of coarse purification filters, electrostatic dust collection modules, plasma generators and other multiple purification systems. It collects dust, sterilizes, decomposes toxic and harmful odorous gases, releases positive/negative ions and other functions, making the air fresh and natural.

It can be installed at the return air outlet of the fan coil. It can be installed with the flange and duct connected or hoisted. The power supply and the air-conditioning fan are controlled in linkage. The switches and indicator lights show the operating status of the pipeline electrostatic dust collector for adjustment and control.

Pipeline electrostatic dust collector incorporate a lot of protection functions, including enclosure cover opening and closing, AC overvoltage protection, dust collector power short circuit protection, and case grounding protection; high voltage power supply short circuit protection, open circuit protection, etc., to fully protect the equipment operation Security in the process.http://www.icleairs.com/