Features, Types, and Economics of Industrial Electrostatic dust collector

Industrial electrostatic dust collector is dust removal equipment more used in industrial production, it can effectively separate dust from the flue gas, and thus play a role in purifying the air. There are also many kinds of dust collectors, and the industrial electrostatic dust collector is mainly recommended because of its distinctive features.

First, the efficiency of industrial electrostatic dust collector is much higher than  normal equipment because it can collects fine dust particles of more than 0.01 micron. In the design, different operating parameters can be set to meet the required purification efficiency.

Second, the industrial electrostatic dust collector has a small resistance loss, so the total power consumption will be relatively small; at the same time, the industrial electrostatic dust collector allow high operating temperatures, some reaching 250℃, and even reaching 350-400℃ higher. In addition, industrial electrostatic dust collector also exhibit advantages such as handle a large amount of process gas and automatic operation control.

In addition to obvious advantages, industrial electrostatic dust collector has a variety of type that can meet different operating conditions. According to the direction of airflow, industrial electrostatic dust collector can be divided into vertical and horizontal type; according to the precipitation pole type, it can be divided into plate type and tube type; according to the method of removing dust on the precipitation plate, it can be divided into dry type wet type.

In general, the industrial electrostatic dust collector has less energy consumption and high dust-removing efficiency compared with other dust-removing equipment and is suitable for removing 0.01-50 μm dust in flue gas, and can be used for high temperature and high pressure of flue gas occasions. Practice shows that the greater the amount of flue gas that is handled, the more economical the investment and operating costs of using industrial electrostatic dust collector.http://www.icleairs.com/