Electrostatic prevention

Frictional static electricity, give people a lot of trouble in production and life, and even cause harm.

Printing factory in, paper page between of friction up electric, will makes paper page stick in with, difficult to separate, to printing factory brings trouble, dyeing factory in, Veil, and wool, and artificial fiber Shang of electrostatic, will attract air in the of dust, makes dyeing quality declined, clean of artificial fiber clothing, wear can't more big Kung Fu on will cast Shang a layer dust, is due to electrostatic sucking dust of sake.

Electrostatic charges accumulated to a certain extent, will have a spark and bring misfortune. People walking on the carpet, and if enough friction with the carpet, and when he reached to pull a metal door handle, hand and spark discharge between metal handle, which would make him cramp. Aircraft flying in the air, and friction with the air of someone in the process of landing did not go when local agents close to the fuselage, one course between aircraft and generate spark discharges, which can bring people down. Specialized trucks used to hold liquids such as gasoline or diesel fuel, pouring oil, during transport, fuel and oil tank friction, impact and charged, if there is no time, accumulated to a certain extent, it will spark and cause an explosion.