Dust Collection Method and Power Supply Requirements of Pipeline Electrostatic Precipitator

Pipeline electrostatic precipitator is a kind of electrostatic equipment which can restrain the flying dust at the dust-raising point, purify the dust-containing air in situ, eliminate pollution, protect the environment, recover useful materials and develop comprehensive utilization. The equipment is widely used in fractional and local dust-raising points of metallurgical, mining, cement, electric power and chemical industries, such as belt conveyor, crusher, ball mill, packing machine, dryer and secondary dust removal after mechanical dust removal.

Dust collecting method of pipeline ESP is that dust-containing air is concentrated in a dust collecting cover, corona wires are suspended in the cover and applied with DC high voltage. By corona discharge of corona wire products, a large number of high-speed moving electrons are escaped, collided and adsorbed on dust particles, so that dust is charged, and charged dust runs to corona wires and dust collecting cover under the impetus of electric field, releasing electricity. The dust is deposited on the dust collecting cover and corona line. By means of vibration, the dust deposits are vibrated down and collected in the ash hopper for discharge, thus purifying the dusty air.

In order to ensure the reasonable and reliable power supply system of pipeline ESP, first of all, if DC power supply is used, the voltage waveform has obvious peak value and minimum value; the selected inductance, resistance and capacitance must be properly allocated in the power supply circuit, so that the circuit oscillation can be limited to the range of aperiodic oscillation and suppression of overvoltage amplitude.

Secondly, many components such as dust collectors and shells of pipeline ESP require strict grounding. In order to improve the efficiency of dust removal, it is necessary to increase the operating voltage and corona current as much as possible, that is, to improve the corona power. It can track automatically according to spark frequency and critical voltage, so that the operating voltage and corona current can reach the optimum value; good interlocking protection, quick response to flashover, arc drawing and overcurrent; high level of automation; solid and reliable mechanical structure and electrical components.www.icleairs.com