Dust can be collected effectively by Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator

Horizontal flat wrench dry high voltage industrial electrostatic precipitator is installed, its dust collection plate is connected to the positive pole of high voltage power supply and grounded, and the corona wire is connected to the negative pole of high voltage power supply. Corona discharge occurs near the corona line when the high-voltage DC is connected to the poles of the electrostatic precipitator.

At this point a large number of free electrons and anions escape from the corona area and fly to the industrial electrostatic precipitator dust plate, so the anions and heavy ions are filled between the two poles, flying together to the anode. When a gas with dust passes through an electric field, these charged ions collide constantly in motion and are adsorbed to the dust particles, thus making the dust charged.

Under the action of electric field force, the charged dust can reach the dust collecting board in a few seconds. The dust is deposited on the dust collecting board of the industrial electrostatic precipitator. At the same time, all positive ions in the corona region move towards the corona line.

In the movement of these positive ions, the dust in the corona area is also charged and moved to the corona line, so the dust collector keeps depositing dust on the corona line. Dust deposited on the dust collector and corona line is removed by mechanical vibration. The dust cleared by rapping is gathered into the bottom ash hopper, and ash in the ash hopper is discharged by pneumatic ash conveying system. The electrostatic precipitator flies in such a way that the dust-containing gas entering the electric field from the entrance of the electrostatic precipitator can be purified by the electric field so that the gas discharged from the outlet of the electrostatic precipitator reaches the emission concentration prescribed by the state.http://www.icleairs.com/