Details of Internal Reform of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator

Generally, the original shell structure of industrial electrostatic precipitator and the position of bolt holes in the foot should remain unchanged as far as possible, only the internal components of the precipitator and the vibration transmission device should be reformed. The original suspension point of the discharge electrode system of industrial ESP and the position of the oscillating shaft of the collector remain unchanged.

In detail, the original industrial electrostatic precipitator plate was changed to plastic plate; dividing the original electric field length by 0.48m, the number of modified blocks can be obtained. If the distance between the same poles of the original ESP is increased to 400 mm, the internal width of the original ESP can be divided by 400 mm, and the number of channels after the transformation can be obtained. However, the distance between the outer plate and the inner wall of the shell should be more than 80 mm. If it is less than 80 mm, the distance between the same poles of 400 mm can be reduced and adjusted appropriately.

When the electric field height of industrial electrostatic precipitator is more than 7.5m, two sets of vibration devices should be set up in the discharge electrode system, one set is above one side of the electrode and the other set is below the other side. When the distance between electrodes is increased to 400 mm, the specifications of suspension insulators for discharge electrodes should be changed accordingly. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the space of the original incubator is enough.

In order to reduce the faults caused by the high voltage cable head, the high voltage silicon rectifier should be placed on the top of the dust collector as far as possible, and the corona pole oscillator should be changed from top oscillation to side oscillation. In practice, the industrial electrostatic precipitator should be reformed in stages and batches according to the specific conditions and local conditions to ensure the effect.