Detailed Classification of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitators

Industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is a kind of dust removal equipment which separates dust or liquid droplets from gas by electrostatic force. It has been widely used in smelting, cement, gas, power plant boiler, sulphuric acid, papermaking and other industries. Compared with other dust collectors, its remarkable characteristics are: high dust removal efficiency for almost all kinds of dust, smoke and even very small particles; even high temperature and high pressure gas can be used; low resistance of equipment, low energy consumption; no complex maintenance and repair.

There are various classification methods for industrial ESP according to the type of dust collector, the direction of gas movement, the way of dust removal, the area of dust collection, the distance between poles, temperature and pressure, etc. According to the form of dust collection, it can be divided into tubular electrostatic precipitator and flat electrostatic precipitator; according to the direction of gas movement in the electric field, it can be divided into vertical electrostatic precipitator and horizontal electrostatic precipitator.

Industrial electrostatic precipitator can be divided into dry electrostatic precipitator and wet electrostatic precipitator according to the cleaning method of electrodes, single and double electrostatic precipitator according to the charging and collecting area of dust, narrow spacing, conventional spacing electrostatic precipitator and wide shoulder spacing electrostatic precipitator according to the spacing of electrodes, and room temperature electrostatic precipitator and high temperature electrostatic precipitator according to the temperature of the treated gas. According to the gas pressure, it can be divided into atmospheric ESP and high voltage