Definition, advantages and application scope of tubular electrostatic precipitator

The pipe type electrostatic precipitator can make the dust gas contact with the liquid closely, and use the inertial impact of water droplets and particles or the full mixing of water and dust, and other functions to collect particles or make the particles increase or stay in the fixed container to achieve the separation effect of water and dust.


The pipe type electrostatic precipitator is a combination of two forms of water bath and spray. First, the suction of high pressure centrifugal fan is used to press the dust gas into a water tank with a certain height of water, and a part of the dust will be adsorbed in the water. After all distributary, the gas flows upwards, and the high pressure sprinkler sprinkles water mist up and down, collecting the remaining dust particles, the filtration efficiency can reach more than 85%.


In the pipeline electrostatic precipitator, because of the simultaneous mass transfer and heat transfer during the contact process of gas and liquid, this kind of dust collector not only has the effect of dust removal, but also has the effect of flue gas cooling and absorption of harmful gas, which is suitable for the high temperature of the entry. High temperature, flammable and explosive and harmful gas.


In addition, the pipe type electrostatic precipitator is suitable for various industrial furnaces in power plant boilers and various industrial boilers and metallurgical, building materials and non-ferrous smelting industries, with the advantages of high purification efficiency, exhaust weight balance, simple structure, small area, safe operation, convenient operation and maintenance.