Correct use of pipe electrostatic precipitator

Industrial electrostatic precipitators can be divided into two main categories: tube type and plate type. Before the ignition operation of the pipe type electrostatic precipitator, the inspection work must be done carefully before the operation can be carried out strictly according to the specifications.


The inspection work starts from the pipe electrostatic precipitator itself, and confirms that after all the equipment is normal, the electrostatic precipitator's electric field is not working, and each hole is still closed. Finally, the ignition device is adjusted, and in the field of high voltage current switch, it will be the first vibrator and still need continuous grinding before the power recovery. For half an hour, the dust on electrodes can be eliminated more thoroughly.


The pipeline type electrostatic precipitator can be quickly put into production when it starts to ignite, but it must first enter the preheating time of the flue gas, when the electric field of more than 80 degrees Celsius is gradually raised, the power supply can be started. The CO content of the exhaust gas should not exceed 2%. If this limit is exceeded, the power should be cut off immediately.


In the running time, the operator should supply the power supply immediately and open and close the entrance door of the gate side, if the temperature exceeds the central dust collector part of the inlet temperature. Before opening the manhole door and roof movement test, the power supply must be cut off so that the power supply is grounded to discharge.


In addition, we should observe quartz tube of tubular electrostatic precipitator, pay attention to equipment test change, rod node vibration, and quickly remove obstacles. Because the electrostatic precipitator is a high voltage electric field, it is necessary to pay more attention to safety, so that the manual is far away from the power plant and the flue gas.


Pipe electrostatic precipitator is mainly used in the electrical field of various industries. Through this kind of equipment to achieve the ideal dust removal efficiency, it is necessary to ensure the safe and orderly use of the electrostatic precipitator in operation so as to give full play to the advantages and effectiveness of the pipe electrostatic precipitator.