Comprehensive internal setting and structure of industrial electrostatic precipitator

Industrial ESP uses corona electrodes to discharge, i.e. when dust-laden gas passes through the high-voltage electric field between the two poles, the electric field near the corona electrodes is strong because of the uneven electric field. When gas passes through, it is ionized into positive and negative ions, which attach to the dust particles and make the dust particles charged.


Under the action of electric field, the charged dust moves to the electrode and neutralizes with the anisotropic electricity on the electrode. The dust particles deposit on the electrode. On the electrostatic precipitator, the electrode plate with accumulated dust thickness is hammered or vibrated, so that the dust particles leave the plate and fall into the dust hopper; on the wet electrostatic precipitator, water film is formed on the collector electrode by spraying water to the surface of the electrode, water flows downward to remove the dust on the electrode, and the dust is collected by the precipitator. Lower row regularly.


Industrial ESP is suitable for dust specific resistance of 10 cm, not for corrosive or dusty gas with phase change of combustion and explosion. Industrial ESP is provided with juice and rainproof shell according to outdoor conditions, and platform bracket and foundation should be designed according to manufacturer's drawings or technical premises. Except for corona pole, there are other places where leakage current may occur, including shell, which should be grounded effectively with grounding resistance less than 4.


High voltage silicon rectifier equipped with industrial electrostatic precipitator are all single-phase full wave rectifiers. The network balance should be paid attention to when wiring. Industrial electrostatic precipitator is equipped with electronic control device when it leaves the factory. It should be set in the control room. The control room should be as close as possible to the electrostatic precipitator. The indoor height should be less than 4m. All doors and windows should be open inside and outside. The terrazzo floor and double windows should have good sealing. The pre-ground cable (line) pipe should be well grounded. The wind is ventilated. And consider fire prevention and electromagnetic radiation prevention measures.