Comprehensive inspection of industrial electrostatic precipitator before operation

Electrostatic precipitator is a kind of dust collector used in industrial industry, its volume is relatively high, and the efficiency of dust removal is very excellent. As a special type of dust collector, it can be seen that it is specially designed for electrostatic interference.


Industrial electrostatic precipitator in a wet electrostatic precipitator, it is mainly used for wet gas, water treatment and high saturation, compared to dry dust collector, which is used to run regular washing mode, the dust can be washed with liquid flow and removing dust on the gas can. The effective purification and removal.


The application of industrial electrostatic precipitator in our surrounding area is increasing with the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection. But before using it, we must first confirm that the interior of the electric mist eliminator is unmanned, no impurities, no forgotten tools, and so on, and the inside of the electric field is normal.


And the cleaning air electric heater of the industrial electrostatic precipitator operates 1 hours ahead of time, and the insulation cleaning air volume of each electric deatomizer is adjusted to 1020Nm3/h. And the electric heater of the insulator must be delivered 24 hours in advance, and the temperature is running between 110~150 C.


In the industrial electrostatic precipitator, the safe water seal is filled with water, and the circulating water pump runs, the water pressure is adjusted to 0.20~0.28MPa. In addition, the high-voltage isolator of the industrial electrostatic precipitator is switched to the "connection" position, and at the same time, the movable grounding rod will be removed and the electric mist eliminator will be closed.