Classification and Purification Effect of AHU Electrostatic Air Purifier Based on Purification Principle

AHU electrostatic air purifier is simply to use the characteristics of electrostatic adsorption to firmly grasp the dust in the air when it is used. AHU electrostatic air purifier is composed of ionization device, dust collecting device, air supply fan and power supply. This kind of purifier is actually a small electrostatic air filter, which has a better purification effect on larger particle size pollutants.

Classification of AHU electrostatic air purifier according to purification principle

1.AHU electrostatic air purifier filter adsorption type: the use of porous filter materials, such as non-woven fabrics, filter paper, fiber, foam cotton and other (currently strong adsorption capacity of HEPA high-density air filter material), adsorption of suspended particles in the air, harmful gases, so as to purify the air.

2. AHU electrostatic air purifier electrostatic dust collector type: the air pollutants are charged by electrostatic, and then the charged particles are captured and absorbed by the dust collector to purify the air.

3. AHU electrostatic air purifier compound type: simultaneously uses the filtration and the electrostatic dust removal way to purify the