Characteristics and dust removal principle of wide spacing electrostatic precipitator

Wide spacing industrial electrostatic precipitator is a device for collecting dust from flue gas by electrostatic purification method, and it is an ideal equipment for purifying industrial waste gas. Its purification work is mainly based on the two systems, the discharge electrode and the precipitation pole. When high voltage direct current is input between the two electrodes, anions and cations are produced and used on the surface of the dust particles passing through the electrostatic field to move to the electrode with opposite polarity under the action of electric field force, and deposited on the electrode to achieve the purpose of dust collection.

In the bipolar system of industrial electrostatic precipitator with wide spacing, there are oscillating devices. When the oscillating hammer periodically strikes the bipolar device, the dust adhered to it is shaken off and falls into the lower ash hopper and discharges it through the dust discharging device. The purified exhaust gas is discharged into the atmosphere from the outlet through the chimney, and the flue gas purification process is completed.

The wide-spacing industrial electrostatic precipitator consists of inlet, uniform speed plate, chamber, discharge plate, outlet, vibrating bar, dust collector plate, etc. which are arranged vertically with the direction of air flow. Its main feature is that the direction of air flow is parallel to the front of the dust collector plate, and is set at equal distance before and after the discharge plate, thus forming two dust collecting areas. Such a dust collector can greatly improve the dust removal effect. Under the same air volume, the length of the wide-spacing industrial electrostatic precipitator is much shorter than that of the known electrostatic precipitator, so it can be widely used in metallurgical, building materials, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries to eliminate smoke and dust.