Basic electric field profile

Electric charge and changing magnetic fields around a special material in space. Electric field this material different from the usual physical, it is not composed of molecules formed by atoms, but it is an objective reality, and electric field is usually objective attributes such as the force and energy of the material. Properties of electric field force are as follows: the electric charge on into a force, this force is called electrostatic force. Properties of the electric field are as follows: when charge moves through an electric field, electric field force on the charge to do work (this shows the electric field has energy).

Electric fields generated by static charge in the space around it, known as the electrostatic field; magnetic space around it inspired over time field called an electric field (also known as the induced electric field or Vortex electric field). Static electric field is irrotational field, charge was a source; passive rotational electric field is field. General Electric is electrostatic field and electric field between and.

Electric field is a vector field, the direction to the positive charge of the direction of electric force, with the negative charge is the electric force in the opposite direction. Electric field intensity of electric field force to describe.