Application Range and Dust Removal Efficiency of Pipeline Electrostatic Precipitator

Pipeline electrostatic precipitator is an ideal dust removal equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises, which is easy to install, adjust and maintain. It uses a special tubular three-electrode structure, which has a wider adaptability to the captured powder. At the same time, a suitable pre-charged electrode is added at the entrance. It can achieve a higher dust removal efficiency with a shorter electric field, making the whole electric field firm and reliable, and the price is lower.

Pipeline ESP has low energy consumption and high dust removal efficiency. It is suitable for removing 0.01-50 m dust in flue gas, and can be used in high temperature and pressure flue gas occasions. Practice shows that the larger the amount of flue gas treated, the more economical the investment and operation cost of using ESP.

Application Range of Pipeline Electrostatic Precipitator

1. Coal-fired boilers and heavy oil-fired boilers for industrial and heating purposes.

2. Building materials: dry and wet cement rotary kiln, machine shaft kiln, raw and clinker mill, raw material dryer and cement packaging machine.

3. Non-ferrous smelting: sintering of copper, lead and zinc, copper smelting furnace, electric arc furnace, reverberatory furnace, etc.

4. Metallurgy: iron ore sintering machine (head and tail), blast furnace, open hearth, coke oven, converter, electric arc furnace and refractory