Application of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator in Environmental Protection Industry

The working principle of industrial electrostatic precipitator is to discharge by corona electrode, that is, when the gas with dust passes through the high-voltage electric field between the two poles, the electric field intensity near the corona electrode is strong because of the uneven electric field. When the gas passes through, it is ionized into positive and negative ions, which attach to the dust particles and make the dust particles charged. Under the action of electric field, the charged dust moves to the electrode and neutralizes with the anisotropic electricity on the electrode. The dust particles deposit on the electrode.

On the industrial electrostatic precipitator, the accumulated dust thickness of the electrode plate is hammered or vibrated, so that the dust particles are separated from the plate and deposited in the dust hopper; on the wet electrostatic precipitator, by spraying water on the surface of the electrode, the dust on the electrode is removed by water flowing downward, and the dust is collected at the lower part of the precipitator and discharged regularly.

Industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is a device for collecting dust in flue gas by electrostatic purification method. It is an ideal equipment for purifying industrial waste gas. Its purification work mainly depends on the two systems of discharge electrode and precipitation electrode. When garbage is burned, the temperature of the upper gas burning layer of the furnace body is 999 degrees Celsius, and the temperature keeps between 850 degrees Celsius and 1050 degrees Celsius, which makes the harmful gases contained in it decompose sufficiently. The temperature of flue gas produced after combustion is relatively high. In order to avoid the regeneration of harmful gases in the process of cooling, the flue gas is treated by cooling and purification system.

The flue gas is treated by a cooling and purification system consisting mainly of waste heat boiler, lime removal adding device, activated carbon powder injection device, industrial electrostatic precipitator and wet acid removal equipment, which can effectively remove harmful substances from the flue gas and ensure that the exhaust gas reaches the discharge