Application of industrial electrostatic precipitator in Nonferrous Metallurgical Industry

Non-ferrous metals are produced mainly by smelting. In this process, a large amount of flue gas and dust will inevitably occur due to the carrying effect of air flow on materials during combustion and the sublimation or vaporization of metals at high temperatures. Therefore, in non-ferrous metal smelting, it is necessary to use industrial electrostatic precipitator to protect the environment and recycle resources.


In the process of smelting non-ferrous metals, metals or their compounds sublimate or gasify into vapor, which is oxidized in the flue gas and condensed. Such dust particles are very small and can only be removed by bag filter and industrial electrostatic precipitator. But bag filter is not suitable for high temperature gas, so industrial electrostatic precipitator is widely used in non-ferrous metal smelting.


Industrial electrostatic precipitators used in non-ferrous metallurgical industry are generally multi-electric field horizontal electrostatic precipitators, because only multi-electric field horizontal electrostatic precipitators can meet the requirements of non-ferrous metallurgical smelting need to deal with large flue gas densities and separation of recycled materials.


When the flue gas temperature is higher than a certain value, the flue gas needs to be cooled by cooling equipment such as waste heat boiler, vaporization cooler and air preheater before it enters the industrial electrostatic precipitator, so as to achieve better dust removal and purification effect.