Application of high frequency power supply to electrostatic precipitator

The high voltage power supply is a single-phase silicon controlled silicon controlled power supply which was used earlier in the pipeline electrostatic precipitator. Later, the three-phase thyristor power supply not only solved the problem of phase sequence balance, but also made the output current better waveform. In recent years, the use of high frequency power supply began to appear.


According to the characteristics of the flue gas in the pipe electrostatic precipitator, the electric field power supply is mostly used as the high voltage constant current source. Time proves that the power supply is stable, the failure rate is low and the discharge of the flue gas meets the requirements. So the high frequency power supply is also considered to have the balance of phase sequence, good waveform, high operating voltage, energy saving and efficiency of dust removal. Many advantages.


High frequency power supply is the power supply of a new generation of pipeline electrostatic precipitator. Using modern power electronic technology, the three-phase 380V/50Hz power frequency power supply is rectified into DC by three phase, and the inverter is converted into high frequency AC current above 10kHz through inverter circuit. Then the high frequency transformer is boosted, and the rectifier is filtered through high frequency rectifier. The high frequency pulsating current of 10 kHz supplies the electric field of the electrostatic precipitator.


The power control method of the high frequency power supply of the pipe electrostatic precipitator consists of three methods of pulse height modulation, pulse width modulation and pulse frequency modulation. The output current is composed of a series of narrow pulses, and the amplitude, width and frequency of the pulse can be adjusted.