All aspects of pipeline electrostatic precipitator during renovation period

Whenever the pipeline type electrostatic precipitator is maintained, it is necessary to adjust the space between the anode and the anode, and record the results before and after the adjustment. The equipment of the cathode and anode vibrator is checked, including the vibrator motor, the reducer, the rotating shaft, the bearing, the flex arm and the connecting rod, etc., and of course, it can not be ignored for the inspection and debugging of the ash system, heat insulation, heating system, the bucket material position meter and the gas lock device.


After the maintenance and maintenance of the pipe electrostatic precipitator, it also needs to carry out the test on the rectifier transformer and the electric field, and test the U-I characteristics at the rated operating conditions, test the temperature and pressure of the inlet and outlet, and test the turbidimeter and the lighting equipment. If there are conditions, we should also compare the dust removal efficiency before and after the overhaul of the pipe type electrostatic precipitator, so as to check the effect of the overhaul work.


However, it is necessary to remind you that the pipeline type electrostatic precipitator is strictly implemented in the relevant standards for the test items and cycles of the high voltage silicon rectifier transformer, low voltage reactor, insulation support and connection components, high voltage direct current cable and other equipment, to test the performance of the trigger device of the power supply device. Setting tests for various protection, checking the electrical high and low voltage circuits and instrument switches, and checking the rectifier transformer core.


In fact, in addition to some of the mentioned contents mentioned above, the maintenance and maintenance items of the pipe electrostatic precipitator include the inspection of the electrode, the dust collecting, the dust removal, the cleaning of the dust collector plate location device, the replacement of the damaged plate and the pole line, and the overall inspection of the adjustment distance.


We should pay more attention to the electrostatic precipitator electrode, dust collecting pole striking system and transmission device, and eliminate ash accumulation in ash hopper and discharge electrode insulators. Overhaul high and low voltage power supply equipment and control system. And no matter whether it is large or small, it should make maintenance records, test records, collate technical data, and do technical analysis.


In short, the quality inspection of pipeline electrostatic precipitator should be carried out by self-examination of maintenance personnel and inspection by inspectors. At the same time, the test of volt ampere characteristics must be carried out after overhaul. Cold test and hot test can be carried out in accordance with the needs of the partial test operation and the whole test operation according to the needs, in order to evaluate the equipment and evaluate the maintenance work.