Advantages of Pipeline Electrostatic Precipitator

Electrostatic precipitator is divided into vertical type and horizontal type according to the direction of airflow, plate type and tube type according to the type of stacked pole, and dry type and wet type according to the method of dust removal on stacked pole. As one of them, the pipeline electrostatic precipitator has strong adaptability, can remove a variety of pollutants without secondary fly ash and fly ash phenomenon, effectively avoiding secondary pollution.


Moreover, the pipeline electrostatic precipitator reduces the operation cost, but receives better dust removal effect. Moreover, the equipment also has the advantages of small size, small energy consumption and relatively longer service life, which improves the stability of the system operation. In terms of economic benefits, the pipeline ESP equipment has less initial investment, and the later operation cost is not high, and the daily maintenance cost is low, which can well meet the increasingly strong environmental protection requirements of everyone.


Like other electrostatic precipitators, the pipeline electrostatic precipitator has high purification power and can spread fine dust above 0.01 micron. In the planning, different operation parameters can be used to satisfy the required purification power. Resistance loss is relatively small, generally below 20 mm water column, and compared with cyclone dust collector, even considering the power consumption of power supply units and vibration arrangement, its total power consumption is still relatively small. In addition, the pipeline electrostatic precipitator allows high operating temperature and large amount of gas treatment planning, which can completely complete the automatic control of