A industrial electrostatic precipitator control system

The dust collecting principle of the industrial electrostatic precipitator is that the dust charge is charged by the high pressure corona discharge. The dust after the charge reaches the dust collector under the action of the electric field force. Then the dust is cleaned regularly, so that the dust is cleared with the flow of the flush liquid. Therefore, the high pressure control system of the whole industrial electrostatic precipitator is very important.


The industrial electrostatic precipitator usually uses high frequency power supply, high efficient three-phase power supply, etc., they run smoothly, the input power is high, the spark detection and control function is strong, the protection function is perfect, and it is helpful to ensure the efficient work of the industrial electrostatic precipitator. To ensure the efficient work of wet electric dust collector.


In the control system of the industrial electrostatic precipitator, the control system for the flushing spray part is composed of several electric butterfly valves. According to the technical requirements of the spray, the electric field of the dust collector is washed and sprinkled according to a certain order. The whole set of flushing sprinkler system realizes automatic sequence control, and it is safe and reliable.


The filter water control system uses two layers of ash water separator. There are several solenoid valves in each layer. The technology of self controlled interlocking is used to accurately control the switching time and switching order of each solenoid valve, so as to ensure the normal operation of the gray water separator, and clean water after filtering into the circulation system.