Electrostatic Welding Fume Collector

Electrostatic Welding Fume Collector
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Electrostatic Welding Fume CollectorIntroduction

CASP's ASG450 Air Purifierisaprofessionallydesignedandwell  producedfiltrationand purification unit, which requires “no filtration mediareplacement".Thepurifierfeatures tri-stepfiltration and purification: First a metal mesh pre-filtrating the big size contamination; Second: a master purification unit ionizing and collecting micro-particles with minimum size 0.01μM and the efficiency up to 99.9%; Third: an active carbon filtration as the odor-eliminator. Air flow are sucked by the single-Phase turbo fan that is rationally built-in. Casings are constructed of high-quality mild steel and powder-coated (custom colors available).

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Technical parameters

Overall dimension


Fan Power


Airflow rate


Power supply

230V/AC or 115V/AC



Working temperature

.-10~ +55℃

Static Power


Purification efficiency


Particle density

1000 mg/m3 

Empty weight


Extraction Arm

175mm(D)*3m (L)

Capture Dry Process Pollutants at the Source

CASP ASG760 Fume Extractor/Purifier helps to eliminate the smoke, dust, powders and other dry process pollutants before they adversely affect the air quality and productivity. The ASG760 Fume Extractor/Purifier removes harmful airborne smoke and particulate form the breezing and work zones.

The ASG760 Fume Extractor is convenient, efficient and easy to maintain. It can help to:

Avoid health and safety hazards that cause workers to experience respiratory aliments.

Cut maintenance costs by eliminating smoke and dust before particles settle on equipment and work surface.

The ASG760 Fume Extractor incorporate latest technical advances in filtration design and is ideal for the following applications:

A.   Welding

B.   Grinding

C.   Cutting

D.   Sanding

E.    Soldering


Contaminated air enter the ASG760 through the hood of extraction arm.

Polluted air is filtered by a 3-stage filtration cartridge.

Clean air is re-circulated into the working area.

Working principle

1. The fume comes from the processing will be sucked into the extractor through the hood, first the fume passes the 1st layer spark intercept steel mesh which will ranmify the fume to avoid residual sparks enter into HEPA filter layer directly.

2 .Finally, the fume enters the second layer of HEPA filter cartridge for ultimate purification.

3. Its filtration efficiency can reach 99.9%.

4.As the filtering precision of the main filter cartridge reaches the indoor emission standards, the filtered clean air can be directly discharged indoor through the air vent in the back of the extractor.

5. It is equipped with automatic shutdown mechanism when the temperature is too high(optional).

6. The corresponding indicator on the control panel will light up to indicate defferent conditions and a power phase sequence indicator,phase absence and short-circuit protection are set inside.

Features and Benefits

The ASG760 can be movable, fixed and ceiling suspended;

Powder coated steel housing and stand;

Single Phase, 230V Motor or 115V Motor.


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are factory.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.