Electrostatic Precipitators ESP Field Honeycomb Series

Product Details

If you are looking for customized electrostatic precipitators esp field honeycomb series made in China from a professional electrostatic precipitators esp field honeycomb series factory, please feel free to contact us.

Electrostatic Air Cleaner(ESP)-ASK40C2

  • Duct mounted ESP structure with honeycomb filter cell

Unit structure:

Electrostatic precipitator(ESP) units uses an electrostatic charge targeted specifically at grease and smoke particles to remove these contaminants from the air stream, casuing them to form a film inside the ESP unit.

A: Electrical Box

B:Control box

C:Drainage outlet

D:Perforated Pre-filter

E:Filter cell

F:High voltage output insulator

G:Limit switch

Oil mist collection schematic diagram

  • Grease, fume and dust particulates will get negatively charged with 0.01s and attracted to the positively charged anode tubes instantly, while the purifield exhaust gas comes our clean.

  • Cathode needles empowered by a high voltage would generate corona discharging electrons with a density as high as more than 100 Millions per cubic centimeter.

  • Duct mounted ESP & installation techology demonstration

Modularized purification units can fixed optionally, the quantity of the units can be adjusted according to the workload and purifying levels.

ESP Pressure Drop Curve

ESP Smoke Removal Efficiency

  • Installation


The commerical electrostatic precipitator is suitable for a number of applications ranging from small kitchen to a full scale commerical kitchens and restaurants and with its high elimination efficiency may increase site opportunities

Features :

  • Fume and mist elimination efficiency can reach above 95%

  • Ideal for commercial kitchen and resteraurant applications as most smells eliminated.

  • Electric field cells with modular design with easy removal for cleaning and servicing.

  • Excellent quality cylindrical honeycomb structure filter cell.