Electrostatic Cooking Fume Eliminator

Electrostatic Cooking Fume Eliminator
Product Details

Electrostatic Cooking Fume EliminatorIntroduction



Solid state power supply 

Electrical component box mounted out of air stream 

Motor HP options for added static pressure 

Teflon insulators — out of air stream for increased reliability 

Spiked ionizer — no ionizing wires to replace, reducing maintenance and replacement cost 

High efficiency — up to 95% on single pass and 99% on double pass option 

Permanent ionizer/collector elements — no filter replacement cost; just wash, dry and reinstall

Low pressure drop — lower energy cost to operate compared to media and cartridge units

Hinged access — no tools required for quick and easy service.


If you are looking for customized electrostatic cooking fume eliminator made in China from a professional electrostatic cooking fume eliminator factory, please feel free to contact us.